Hire a remote assistant for your real estate biz
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Hire a remote assistant for your real estate biz

March 14, 2020
Kai Magsanoc

If you’re a part of the real estate industry, you know how dynamic it can be. However, spending a better half of your day in front of the computer is not so dynamic and interesting, is it? Assuming you are a people person who likes to spend their time focusing on your clients while building strong relationships, why are you spending so much time on loads of administrative work when you can let someone else take care of it?

BizScale remote assistants can take some of that burden off your shoulders. We can handle the phone calls, emails, property listings, managing clients, invoicing, gathering documentation, paperwork and much more – your team would have their own personal assistant to update their schedule, draft emails, follow up leads or create ads. That would leave you with more time for client meetings and closing deals.

What is a real estate remote assistant?

A real estate remote assistant can be one or more people doing your paperwork, client management, marketing or anything else you might need that can be done on a computer or over the phone. There are several areas of business where remote assistants can be of great help:

Administrative Support – remote assistants working in administrative support can take care of data entry, web research, generating leads (and following up!) and calendar management.

Client Relationship Management Support – real estate remote assistants helping to maintain your networking and strong client relationships by organizing and updating your CRM database, sending out newsletters, contacting former clients, etc.

Real Estate Marketing – remote assistants helping to get your listings sold by ad posting, basic graphic design, social media management or cold calling.

Lead Generation Assistants – helping you generate a desirable number of leads – finding new potential buyers, investors, sellers or any other contacts.

What tasks can a real estate remote assistants take care of?

1. Social media management

Your presence on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is of great importance. Even though it may not bring you a large number of leads, it is essential to maintain your social profile and try to reach your target audience possible. You can also use social media to close deals or stay in touch with real estate news. Your remote assistant can also do basic photo editing for Facebook ads or other social media posts.

2. Listing posting

This task is tiresome and repetitive but also requires attention to detail. After a while, you have probably lost your passion for fulfilling this task. But your remote assistant always works with the same level of enthusiasm and can optimize all your listings and create content that is up to date with trends and which attracts new clients.

3. Appointment-setting

While you focus on the clients’ meetings and building relationships, your remote assistant can take care of the rest: check up on your prospects and arrange a meeting. It can be exhausting trying to balance out multiple prospects and satisfy their requests while also trying to make the most of your day. Calendar management is essential for all realtors – letting a remote assistant set your appointments is a way to make it more systematic and less stressful for you.

4. Email campaigns and cold calling

Besides social media marketing, your remote assistant is also experienced in creating email campaigns. They know which words to use to get the clients’ attention and what to talk about in order to appeal to home buyers – they are a shortcut to the increase in sales rates.

If you would prefer to reach out to your prospects over the phone, that is another assignment you can hand over to a remote assistant. They will also already have all the necessary training in customer service and telemarketing.

5. Customer support

It is probably better if you don’t pick up your phone every two minutes during the meeting. But that would mean a lot of missed calls and potentially lost clients. A remote assistant can take care of your calls, emails, take important messages for you or transfer you the call in case of an emergency. Even after the sale, it is very mindful to follow up and see about customer satisfaction – one more task that is probably often done last, or sometimes even ignored.

6. Lead generation

Lead generation can be quite lucrative and enable you to make more profit. You can assign your remote assistant with lead generation tasks – they can look for potential customers across various channels using different tools and create a prospect list for your upcoming marketing campaigns. That way they can also enter the contact information of potential buyers in one place so that you know where to look in case you need it. They can update and manage your CRM system and constantly improve your interaction with customers.

7. Research

Researching the market and frequently visiting popular websites such as Zillow, Realtor or Trulia is vital in the process of learning what your prospects are looking for. Researching the web can take hours before getting the results – it would be much easier to hand this task over to a professional with a lot of experience who can present you with finished reports.

8.  Finding comparable sales

Finding comps can be a time-consuming task, but it is vital to capture more buyers, minimize the property time on the market and enable a smooth transaction. Remote assistants can find them for you using MLS or any other tool and can also look up recent sales or similar active listings.

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We want to help you build a more efficient and profitable business based on your guidelines and best practice. Your remote assistant can assimilate to your needs and is an employee with a high job satisfaction level who requires no additional office space or equipment.

If by now you are still not convinced of the value of a real estate remote assistant, get in touch for an informal chat about what exactly your remote assistant can do for your business. Email us at info@bizscale.com You can also schedule a free consultation here: https://calendly.com/bizscale