BizScale: Everything your business needs, in one place

BizScale: Everything your business needs, in one place

February 1, 2021
Kai Magsanoc

On January 18, relaunched a new website to service new and old clients — startups, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, and businesses that are trying to reinvent themselves in order to survive the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that are still being felt. 

There are businesses still closing down their brick-and-mortar offices even as we enter the second year under the pandemic. They are transitioning to a completely online business, which — while more economical — may be a place of extreme discomfort and a steep learning curve.

This is why businesses need the team of experts that BizScale can offer. Aside from the fact that founder and CEO Michael Anderson’s goal is to help others, he is also implementing a vetting system that ensures BizScale clients will only work with the best professionals in their respective industries.

BizScale services

BizScale started out with 3 main services that they delivered and exceeded promises on. These are:

  1. BizScale To-Do - The closest to the average virtual assistant services that you may find in other freelance or VA sites, but with a plus: the people you will be working with have years of experience and a good portfolio under their belt. Their goal is to help you check items off your to-do list, so that you may focus on other aspects of your business.
  2. BizScale Accounting - Finance is one of the most crucial parts of a business, especially if you are bootstrapping, using the resources from your investors, or are operating on a budget that needs to be maximized. BizScale’s finance professionals not only fix, balance, and monitor your books for you, they also keep all data confidential.
  3. BizScale LeadGen - Lead generation is one of the most crucial aspects of a business, especially on LinkedIn. If you do not know how to navigate the platform in order to make meaningful connections that can build your business, then you are sitting on a gold mine without knowing it. Our lead gen experts will mine that gold for you, so you can scale.

With the addition of more team members from different industries that thrive in the new economy, BizScale has also decided to scale and offer 3 new services:

  1. BizScale Content - Your website’s content is key in bringing in traffic to your site through search engine optimization (SEO). This allows you to spend less on click funnels and ads. Of course, website content will not be pushed out there without optimal social media content, which the BizScale team also offers. We’ve got you covered!
  2. BizScale Design - Your business is a brand that needs to connect with your market. In order to do this, you need a brand book and visuals that perfectly represent what your brand is about. This is key in being identified and remembered. BizScale’s Design team can cover website design, videos, and any creative visual requirement you may have.
  3. BizScale Branding - Do not confuse this with BizScale Design. Branding is all about building your brand from the ground up, especially if you are starting from scratch or do not know where to begin. Branding principles include design, but they also include a process that will establish your brand’s mission, vision, pillars, and ethos. 

BizScale events

This 2021, BizScale has also expanded to producing virtual events that will not only help you network with peers and possible business partners but will also help with self-improvement. Learning never stops, and sometimes it’s good to review what we already know and learn something new.

It’s easy to register:

  1. Go to the BizScale website
  2. Scroll down the home page until you get to “Upcoming Events” (under testimonials)
  3. Click on the event you want to attend
  4. Register

This February, BizScale founder and CEO Michael Anderson will be the one to facilitate the learning sessions that will run for 30 to 45 minutes. These are small pockets of time that serve as your investment in your knowledge and self-improvement. Best of all, they are FREE.

The upcoming events this February are:

BizScale blog

BizScale offers more value to clients (and even non-clients) with blog content that covers 6 main categories: 

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. New Normal
  3. Remote Teams
  4. Self Improvement
  5. Outsourcing
  6. Virtual Assistant

These quick reads are perfect for the busy entrepreneur, with easy-to-read formats that will only take an average of 6 minutes for you to consume (this is about the same time you wait for an elevator, get on it, and get off it). 

They are also perfect to share with your network so that you spread information, learning, and good vibes. This is a way of encouraging and empowering others, something the startup and small and medium business communities badly need today.

A final word

When you work with BizScale, you work with a team that truly cares for your success. No matter which part of the world they are from, they will be at your disposal when you need them. And they care that they deliver not just to meet your expectations but also exceed them. 

At the end of the day, your success is BizScale’s success. When you let us help you and support your business, you let us help professionals who also need to earn an income to support their families in the gig economy.

It’s all about helping one another scale, and it’s what the world needs today.

Talk to us by completing the form on this page, emailing us at, calling us at 833-722-5310, or booking time on Calendly. Let’s make great things happen!

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