8 tasks to hand over to an e-commerce remote assistant

8 tasks to hand over to an e-commerce remote assistant

February 11, 2020
Kai Magsanoc

As your Shopify, Amazon, or any other kind of e-commerce store grows, you may have noticed a series of repetitive tasks that take up a bigger part of your day, leaving you with no time to focus on the growth and management of your online store. If that time has come – if it hasn’t yet, it will soon. Trust me! –  maybe you should consider hiring a remote assistant.

If you are in doubt whether a remote assistant would be a good choice for you, here are some clear signs that it is time to delegate some of your daily tasks:

· You are overwhelmed by the number of mundane tasks every day

· You are spending too much time on repetitive tasks

· You lack expertise in some areas of your business such as digital marketing

If one or more of these statements are true for you, it is time to hire a remote assistant and start growing your business!

Incorporating a remote assistant into the growth of your company will be one of the best decisions you will ever make as a business owner. Remote assistants can take care of most of the day-to-day tasks within the e-commerce business and lucky for you, they already have the necessary experience!

What tasks can you hand over to your remote assistant to get optimum results?

1.  Inventory management

A remote assistant can help you balance the goods in your store. They can monitor and update stock levels.

2.  Product listing

This is one of the most important elements of running your online store successfully yet time-consuming. If you are running a business on multiple platforms, remote assistants can list and update your products through different channels.

3.  Keyword research & SEO

SEO experts know which tools to use and are up to date with the current trends – therefore, they can create relevant and high-quality content to attract new customers.

4.  Digital marketing

Most companies use social media platforms for marketing purposes. Remote assistants can set up ad campaigns or optimize your current ones for future use.

5. Customer service

A remote assistant working in customer service can answer all kinds of queries in real-time on different channels, as well as deal with late or lost shipments. Remote assistants can also provide support during the purchase process.

6. Administrative work

Remote assistants can be your personal assistant: they can organize your schedule, arrange and remind you of meetings or even pay your bills.

7. Order processing

Remote assistants can process your orders including order entry, shipping, and invoicing, as well as the returns and exchanges.

8. Market research

Remote assistants can conduct market research to determine your position in the marketplace and come up with ways on how you can make improvements in your business.

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