3 podcasts for start-ups
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3 podcasts for start-ups

December 2, 2020
Kai Magsanoc

Motivation comes from different places. Here are 3 podcasts you can turn to as you build your empire from scratch.

Let’s face it: The world of business isn’t stagnant. It’s a dynamic environment — ever-evolving and becoming more and more efficient each day. Nowadays with modern technology, globalization, and Internet accessibility, anyone can take an idea and turn a profit from it — even scale it up!

Ever dreamed of introducing the world to your one-of-a-kind apple pie recipe? Or perhaps you’re a kick-butt social media manager looking for their next client? And what about scaling that idea way, way, WAY up? Whatever it is, you have the opportunity to turn your passion into a business.

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Hold on now — we know it sounds exciting, but let’s reel it back and start from the beginning: Where DO you start? If only there was a way to hear advice straight from professionals in every department you can imagine, right?

Having no access to business gurus does not mean you won’t be able to connect with them anywhere. You can start with these podcasts that interview and feature Goliaths in today’s business world, and maybe eventually throw in a question or two.

1. Masters of Scale

Their website defines “Masters of Scale” as:

“An original podcast hosted by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and investor at Greylock. In each episode, Reid shows how companies grow from zero to a gazillion, testing his theories with legendary leaders. Masters of Scale is the first American media program to commit to gender balance for guests.”

Aiming to succeed in building your very own high-growth business? Then this is probably the best podcast for you. Each episode focuses on specific subjects on startups and business growth; offering little-known advice you can get nowhere else and featuring the biggest movers and shakers of businesses around the world.

Leaders like Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook; Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia; and Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube are just a few of the great minds that have contributed to the podcast. Discussions range from choosing partners, creating business models, work-life balance, and so much more.

2. Traction: How Startups Start

“Traction” is run by Next View Ventures, a team of venture capitalists, angel investors, and other startup enables.

While many businesses follow a strict workflow starting from the bottom and climbing to the top steadily, there exist leaders who — through their unorthodox yet brilliant methods of running their businesses — have found success in the unlikeliest of ways early on in their business.

From founders, executives, investors, and every other department, the accounts you’ll hear from these professionals will make for the most fascinating (and sometimes unbelievable) stories. With every episode featuring the speakers in a relaxed setting and a comfortable atmosphere, you’ll feel like it’s less of a lecture and more of a chat over coffee.

3. She Did It Her Way

“She Did It Her Way” is the brainchild of Amanda Boleyn, “founder, CEO, wife, daughter, sister, and your online cheerleader.” Amanda knows what it’s like to be an employee who wanted more out of life until she found and took advantage of opportunities that led her to start her own business. Now she is helping others do the same.

It’s no secret that women leaders are continuing to rise in the workforce to stand on equal ground with their male counterparts. Ever heard the term “it’s a man’s world”? This is not the case in a lot of industries anymore.

Listen to women’s perspectives in business and startups in this incredible podcast focused on interviewing female entrepreneurs who found success in their journey of founding and growing their businesses into what they are today.

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“She Did It Her Way” is jam-packed with insights and stories from these amazing women who, against all odds, paved their own way in life despite the many setbacks (professionally and socially).

By the end of each episode, you’ll have gained new information and, soon enough, know what you’ll need to design your business in the best way possible.

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