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April 16, 2021
Yes, SHE can: Rising women in the construction industry

In an industry dominated by men, see how these women take on leadership roles and pave the way towards a more inclusive construction industry.

April 15, 2021
Grit: The must-have attitude for every entrepreneur

Grit is a concept that correlates perseverance and passion with success. Here's how to have grit.

April 15, 2021
Modern solutions for modern living: The ultimate guide to modular homes

Planning to build your own home and thinking of going modular? That might be a great idea. Here's why.

April 13, 2021
Make the dream work: 8 ways to collaborate better with remote teams

How do you make your teams collaborate better despite the absence of in-person communication? Let us count the ways.

April 15, 2021
Road to your dream house: 8 tips for first-time homebuyers

Confused and overwhelmed with the process of buying a house? Check out these 8 tips to help you navigate towards getting the best home.

April 13, 2021
Putting it out there: How has outsourcing helped developing and emerging economies?

The outsourcing phenomenon has given rise to managed services companies which proactively share, maintain, and anticipate the need for a range of processes and functions in order to improve their clients’ operations and cut expenses.

April 13, 2021
8 things you need to know about online real estate services

Are you planning to sell one of your properties? Or are you looking for that dream house you have been saving for?

April 8, 2021
Food at your doorstep: The rise of delivery apps

What can we learn from these businesses? The success of most of these apps lies in effective marketing strategies that maximize and capitalize on customer engagement. Here are 3 tips.

April 8, 2021
Enter tech: 8 real estate trends this 2021

As COVID-19 revolutionized the global economy, how does the real estate industry continue to evolve? What are the trends that formed the industry’s overview today?

April 7, 2021
We have liftoff: How to successfully launch your product

Now that you’ve created your product, how do you put it out there into the world? And how do you get your customers to actually buy your product and recommend it to their friends?

April 1, 2021
Email marketing 101: How to send emails that convert

Here are 5 ways to create an email marketing campaign that gets the job done.

March 24, 2021
What Women Want: 21 inspiring quotes on business, leadership, empowerment

We all need role models to look up to especially in a man’s world.

March 24, 2021
On-Brand: 5 ways branding creates value for your business

Investing in your brand can make a difference to your business’ long-term success

April 14, 2021
What Women Want: Ageism, ‘lookism,’ and women in the workplace

We need to talk about the plight of women at work when they hit a certain age.

March 14, 2021
BTS: Branding, Their Style

The K-pop group’s branding genius is earning them endless endorsements

March 9, 2021
Lay the foundation: 7 steps to creating your business model

If you have a business idea, a business model is where you begin to make it a reality.

March 9, 2021
What Women Want: 3 ways women are important in business

We celebrate International Women’s Month with a series of blog posts celebrating the #GirlBoss.

March 14, 2021
BTS: Business + Technology = Scale

6 marketing tips from the world’s biggest music group

February 28, 2021
The importance of letting go: Delegating and why it should be done

One task of a leader is creating more leaders, and this can begin with delegating

February 22, 2021
Room for improvement: Identifying waste to save time and money

When you remove waste, you’re saving time and money; and you end up improving different parts of your business process.

February 20, 2021
How to set goals for 2021

Goals are where you wanna go, the plan is the document that talks about your goals and how you’ll get there, and planning is actually writing down your goals and writing down your plans. What are your goals this 2021?

February 20, 2021
Brand, branding, and getting started: 10 ways to do it

When the idea of building your own brand feels daunting, you have BizScale Branding to do it for you.

February 17, 2021
The write way: Content marketing stats you need to know

Behind every content we read is a strategy that plays a huge role in business. BizScale Content is a master of the game.

February 20, 2021
How to perform a SWOT analysis for your business

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. If you really focus on these areas, you’ll give yourself an honest assessment of where you are and you’ll walk away with a plan.

February 11, 2021
Take the lead: Why lead generation is important for your business

All businesses — big or small — need lead generation to grow and succeed. If you don’t know where to begin, there’s always BizScale LeadGen.

February 8, 2021
5 ways to-do lists keep us sane (and productive)

When all is lost, worry not: BizScale To-Do is here to the rescue!

February 8, 2021
IT’S A DEAL! 10 ways to close that sale

Is selling harder than it should be? Here are 10 ideas you can try in your next pitch.

February 20, 2021
2020 Lessons Learned: How to do a retrospective and why

Here’s the transcript of the first event in the BizScale Learning Series

April 1, 2021
BizScale: Everything your business needs, in one place

The one-stop-shop for managed services has officially relaunched to offer more services and a bigger team from around the world.

February 7, 2021
2 tales of freelancing success

Here are two freelancers whose stories will inspire you to pursue it as a career Freelancing is something that so many people dream of pursuing. It’s the promise of being able to work on your own time without the demands of a typical 9-to-5 job.

January 20, 2021
3 podcasts for start-ups

Motivation comes from different places. Here are 3 podcasts you can turn to as you build your empire from scratch. Let’s face it: The world of business isn’t stagnant. It’s a dynamic environment — ever-evolving and becoming more and more efficient each day.

January 20, 2021
Is your business failing? Here’s why it’s okay.

No one who ever started a business has ever wanted or expected it to fail. But so many businesses fail despite high hopes and thorough preparation. Some take it as a direct reflection of their worth and give up at the first sign of failure.

January 20, 2021
Why healthcare pros should have a remote assistant

Healthcare professionals are known to be the busiest people in the world. Doctors face a huge workload which consists of not only treating patients, but also office tasks such as documenting medical data and other administrative work.

January 20, 2021
8 tasks to hand over to an e-commerce remote assistant

As your Shopify, Amazon, or any other kind of e-commerce store grows, you may have noticed a series of repetitive tasks that take up a bigger part of your day, leaving you with no time to focus on the growth and management of your online store.

January 20, 2021
Hire a remote assistant for your real estate biz

If you’re a part of the real estate industry, you know how dynamic it can be. However, spending a better half of your day in front of the computer is not so dynamic and interesting, is it?

January 20, 2021
Outsource: Your profitability resource

You’re a startup. You’re all revved up and ready to conquer the market. You’re going steady, and full of great ideas. You’d like to make your mark. You’re an established operation. You’re looking to expand. You’re struggling to keep up. Then the pandemic hits all of us.

April 14, 2021
Pros and cons of managing a remote team

Remote work may be here to stay as part of the new normal. What are the upsides and downsides of this way of working? Let’s discuss this. It is September 2020, the 6th month since countries went on lockdown to contain and eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic.

January 20, 2021
Working with an amateur vs working with a pro

It is a dilemma that befalls any business owner: Do I work with beginners who will charge an entry-level fee, or with seasoned professionals with a proven track record and an impressive portfolio who will charge a higher fee? Your choice can make a huge difference in how fast your business will scale.

January 20, 2021
How COVID-19 has changed business

The new normal, the “now” normal — even if you’re in denial, life will never be the same as we knew it. There was a meme that went around shortly after countries went on lockdown in March 2020. It said, “What drove your company’s digital transformation?”

January 20, 2021
Businesses that grew during the pandemic

Here are the businesses that people turned to during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 hit the global economy like a double slap on the face: it left us shocked, bewildered, and disoriented. For a time, economies came to a halt, and we all felt it.

January 20, 2021
How to make a remote team work for you

Working with a remote team has its upsides that can work for you and your business if you know how to run it. COVID-19 came upon businesses like a thief in the night: unexpected, unwelcome, not (really) prepared for. As of writing, there has yet to be a proven effective vaccine.

January 20, 2021
Startup ideas in the new normal

Pandemic or opportunity? You decide what you want to see and what to do about it. Let’s begin this piece with the hard truth presented with hard facts: Fact: Layoffs and shutdowns—and not reduced average hours—are driving in total hours worked.

January 20, 2021
Agile and your business

Agile. We had been hearing that word getting thrown about even before the pandemic hit. And once it did, what we saw was that organizations who were agile beforehand were the ones who easily pivoted to new business models and ways of working.

January 20, 2021
Freelancing facts you need to know

The Gig Economy. This is how experts have coined the rise of freelancers during the pandemic. But did you know that freelancing was already gaining traction even before COVID-19 took over the world and shot down economies?

January 20, 2021
Common mistakes of remote team managers

Not all people thrive in remote work, just as not all managers are good at managing a remote team. There are people who simply do better with workplace interaction and other benefits of working together in one space.

January 20, 2021
How to find the right VA for you

Virtual assistants have been around probably as long as the Internet has been around. However, we have only seen a rise in the number of people looking for and hiring virtual assistants in the past couple of months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

January 15, 2021
The importance of efficient lead generation

For a business to thrive, it needs to consistently work on its lead generation. Lead generation is the process of acquiring new potential customers who are sure to be interested in your service or product. This is key in making sure that your business succeeds.

January 20, 2021
How video can increase your SEO score

You may have heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it is the key to generating more traffic to your website through search engines. Once you master this, it becomes easier to grow your business through organic means and searches.

January 20, 2021
Virtual bookkeeper — how to make it work

Bookkeeping has to be one of the most important aspects of keeping a business organized and afloat. However, as business owners, we don’t exactly have the time and energy to be able to do this ourselves.

January 20, 2021
4 remote work myths debunked

Here are things people get wrong about remote working, clarified Before the pandemic struck, remote work was not something that everyone was into. It was, in a way, something people didn’t really like because it deviated from the traditional office setup since, of course, it was usually done at home or anywhere else the person prefers to work.

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